In the News: Cyber Center of Excellence, CRI, MBA

Oct. 29, 2015

In the News: Cyber Center of Excellence
Johnson at the Cyber Center launch announcement

Recent news media coverage featuring Webster University community members includes:

Cyber Center of Excellence

Tuesday's announcement of the launch of the Midwest Cyber Center of Excellence was covered in several regional news outlets. 

The new nonprofit organization has been formed to address unprecedented needs in the cybersecurity labor market being projected by local military, financial, healthcare, government and law enforcement agencies. Thomas Johnson, interim dean of the George Herbert Walker School of Business, spoke at the event and was quoted in the news coverage that followed.

St. Louis Public Radio

St. Louis Public Radio, the NPR affiliate, quoted Johnson discussing how the initiative would help the regional workforce and those seeking to enter it:

"Johnson said the growing need is leading to lucrative careers for cybersecurity graduates.

“The starting salaries depend on the corporation and their particular needs, but it’s not at all uncommon to see $95,000 to $125,000 salaries.” he said.

“This is basically a law of supply and demand. The companies and the government need people skilled in this area and as we are turning people out, they are getting good employment.”

Belleville News Democrat

The Belleville News Democrat also covered the event, noting:

For young people, cyber-security remains a career field brightened by the prospect of numerous job openings and relatively high pay far into the future.

Thomas Johnson, Webster University’s associate vice-president and chief of strategic initiatives, said a recent Labor Department study found the cyber-security is “one of the hot areas of growth. The salaries these people are getting are incredible.”

Bloomberg Business News

Those articles as well as a story in Bloomberg each noted a connection with the National Geospatial Agency's search for a new location for its operations in the region:

"The NGA is seeking to build a billion dollar replacement facility for its current western headquarters facility near the Anheuser-Busch brewery in St. Louis. The spy agency is evaluating four sites for the project, including north St. Louis and a site near Scott Air Force Base."

Cyberspace Research Institute

In other Webster cybersecurity news, ICS-ISAC director Chris Blask was quoted in Energywire coverage of new cybersecurity legislation making its way through the Senate:

Chris Blask, chairman of the Industrial Control Systems Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ICS-ISAC), called yesterday's CISA vote "encouraging," noting that "it's good that we're having these conversations at the congressional level."

He didn't share the privacy worries that spurred tech giants including Apple Inc. and Google to oppose CISA.

"We certainly don't need to be sharing [personally identifiable information], really sensitive information like that," he said of his own center, which operates under the Webster University Cyberspace Research Institute. "A lot of the really high-value information is simply knowing that a facility of a given type had a given experience," he said, and then passing along the general outline of how that experience played out."

MBA in St. Louis Business Journal

MBA program director Debbie Psihountas and current student Denise Hassanein were quoted in an Oct. 23 St. Louis Business Journal about trends in regional MBA enrollment. 

Psihountas discussed demographic and economic factors affecting MBA enrollment trends.

Hassanein, who returned from Washington to tend with family, explained why she chose Webster from among other programs offered in the St. Louis region.

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