Webster University Adds 10 New Graduate Certificate Programs

Feb. 26, 2015

ST. LOUIS (FEB. 26, 2015) - Webster University is launching 10 new certificate programs for adults with college degrees who seek additional training to advance in their careers. The new programs reflect recent changes in society, from technological advancements to shifting demographics in many communities. The certificates are designed to be stand-alone or a stepping-stone to an advanced degree.

They are being added to the 17 graduate certificate programs Webster University already offers in the fields of business, communications, digital media, healthcare, education, cultural studies and fine art to those who have a bachelor’s degree. Some of the programs will be added this spring while others will be added later in the year. Most will be online courses.

“Webster understands the life-long learner,” said Vice Provost Nancy Hellerud, who oversees academic affairs at Webster University. “Certificate students are those who are curious about ‘what’s next’ in their field,  desire to refresh and upgrade their skills, want to take on a new challenge or role in their career, and are interested in connecting with others who are seeking the same things.  Certificate programs are a way to accomplish these goals in a short time and to earn a credential to prove it.”   

The new programs being offered this year are:

Cybersecurity – Threat Detection: Global corporations are training their personnel to be as effective as possible in this challenging cybersecurity environment. 

Science Management & Leadership: This certificate aligns management and leadership skills with technical skills to lead groups, manage co-workers, navigate interpersonal interactions and manage lab environments.

Business Analytics: Designed for students with a business or computer science background, this certificate provides an excellent foundation in data analytics within a business context. 

ERP with SAP: Students will gain specialized experience in SAP which is the leading global provider of Enterprise Resource Planning software, used to manage business intelligence, operations and purchasing.

Global Business: This program gives students the ability to apply administrative and managerial theories as they relate to problems in global business.

Project Management: This certificate is created to provide the students with the practical skills and theoretical concepts needed for every step in the project management and the tools for success.

Applied Behavior Analysis: This certificate is for educators and health care professionals who work with patients with developmental disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, psychiatric and behavioral challenges and other life-challenging conditions. 

Mobile Technology in Education: This certificate program provides training for teachers and technology coordinators with the tools to engage students through mobile devices.

Psychoeducational Needs of Immigrant & Refugee Youth: School psychologists, teachers of English Language Learners, social workers, counselors and other educators who work with immigrants, refugees and graduate students from outside the United States can enhance their job skills to serve the needs of immigrant and refugee youth. 

Tiered Instruction & Intervention:  RTI & PBIS:This certificate is for those interested in developing school-wide responses to intervention and positive behavioral interventions and supports. It provides the expertise to design, implement and evaluate systemic strategies that improve academic and social outcomes for K-12 students.

Webster University also offers nearly two-dozen certificate programs for those who do not have a bachelor’s degree. For more information about Webster University’s certificate programs, visit http://www.webster.edu/certificates/.

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