Rolla Hosts Helping Professions Roundtable

Oct. 2, 2015

Rolla Hosts Helping Professions Round Table

Webster’s Rolla Metro campus location hosted a roundtable discussion on Sept. 24 among professionals in fields whose educational credentials include degrees in counseling, human services, social work, and psychology. Those professionals discussed their educational choices and experiences, as well as their paths to their current professional career.

They also discussed how their choice of degree program and/or institution affected their career path, if/how they would change any of those decisions, and how their education prepared them for their current work.

Webster Rolla has committed itself to focus on the helping professions in its programs, activities, and involvement. It is committed to offering people a range of educational programs to help them achieve their professional goals, intent on providing many options for those people whose goals include the care or counseling of other people. The campus location is developing a broader understanding of what is deemed a “helping” profession to include certain business focuses, such as gerontology, healthcare administration, and leadership.

Rolla panel
Left to right: Teresa Stratman, human services faculty; Chris Johansson, LPSW; Dr. Elbert Bolsen, moderator, Counseling Program Coordinator & Faculty, Rolla Metro; Stephanie Martensen, LPC; Dr. Steve Adelman, psychologist



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