2017 Teaching Festival Call for Proposals, Deadline Dec. 16

Nov. 21, 2016

2017 Teaching Festival Request for Proposals; Deadline Dec. 16 

The Teaching Festival Committee continues to accept proposals for presentations, posters, panels, and roundtable discussions for the 2017 Teaching Festival on the theme “Finding and Sharing Voice: Active Learning for Inquiry, Agency, and Leadership.”

Co-presenting with colleagues and with students is encouraged, and all proposals are welcome. The Teaching Festival will be held Feb. 13-17, 2017.

Click here to submit your proposal by Dec. 16.

Proposals may address any of the following topics:

Developing Student Inquiry concentrates on encouraging students’ ability to formulate questions, develop a mindset of curiosity, and cultivate critical thinking skills.

Questions to consider:

  • How do you use inquiry in the classroom to encourage students to think independently and to take ownership of their own learning?
  • How might inquiry help students develop specialized skills useful in specific professional contexts?
  • How can inquiry be used in the sciences, the arts, humanities, and in professional programs?

Promoting Student Agency focuses on using teaching practices that encourage student-directed learning, increasing student autonomy and ownership of learning, and developing and supporting diverse student voices. Questions to consider:

  • What strategies encourage student participation and engagement in face-to-face or online classrooms?
  • How do you establish a shared vision of a course with your students, share classroom responsibilities and authority, or give students responsibility for leading discussions or class activities?
  • How do you empower students to contribute to class in meaningful, respectful ways and to self-monitor their participation?

Supporting Leadership Development involves encouraging students to assume roles of power and develop the skills of effective leaders. Questions to consider:

  • How do you help students create connections between course content and their everyday lives and professional spheres?
  • How do you acknowledge your students’ real-world experience and use it to shape course content?
  • How do you help your students assume roles of leadership in the classroom and develop leadership roles in their professional fields?

Fostering Inclusion and Diversity centers on creating a respectful classroom environment for all students, helping students collaborate in meaningful ways with peers of diverse backgrounds, and providing students with experiences to support their growth as productive, global citizens. Questions to consider:

  • How do you balance challenging students with providing support, especially in classrooms with a wide range of backgrounds?
  • What strategies and tools do you use to help create a sense of community in your classroom?
  • What opportunities do you create for students to collaborate with others from diverse backgrounds?
  • How do you create space in your classes to address issues of equity and social justice?

For questions about the event, for assistance developing your proposal, or for ideas about how to adapt a project to this year's theme, please contact Liza Dister, Faculty Development coordinator, at edister17@webster.edu.

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