In the News: Barnidge Book Reviewed by Jewish Light

Jun. 28, 2016

In the News: Barnridge Book Reviewed by Jewish Light
Barnidge's book tackles Arab-Palestian statehood.

Robert P. Barnidge Jr., visiting assistant professor of History, Politics and Law, recently published the book, "Self-Determination, Statehood and the Law of Negotiation: The Case of Palestine,” providing an overview of the various Arab-Israeli wars and efforts toward achieving mutual statehood in Palestine.

It was reviewed and praised by the St. Louis Jewish Light as  "...among the important reference books, classroom textbooks and journalistic resources...Barnidge’s book will be near the top of the list."  Click here to read the full review from the Jewish Light.

An excerpt from the book: “What does seem clear is that Israel and the PLO will have to forgo certain claims and cure certain breaches if they are to reach a final settlement. Unless both sides are willing to do this, to negotiate with one another without preconditions and according to international law of negotiation, it is unlikely that there will be a settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, at least one reached consensually.”

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