Intrusive Advising and Faculty Guidance Regarding Incompletes

Nov. 21, 2016

Intrusive Advising and Faculty Guidance Regarding Incompletes

In an effort to continue to improve student success, including persistence and graduation, the University is tracking incomplete grades (as well as other unsuccessful grades including Ds, Fs, and Ws) and more actively and regularly reaching out to students and academic departments to resolve the grades before they turn to ZFs after one year. 

A document providing guidance regarding incompletes is available on the Academic Advising website.

If the faculty of record intends to award an incomplete, the faculty member must document the grade using an Incomplete Grade Form, which is available through the Connections Faculty Academic Services Tab.

Best Practices and Guidance for Incomplete Grade Form

  • Requirement: Student biographical information                     
    • Best Practice: Electronic form will autofill this information
  • RequirementStudent’s remaining requirements                   
    • Best Practice: No more than one or two remaining assignments with their due dates, deadlines, and grading criteria and course grading scale
  • Requirement: Deadline for completion of requirements     
    •  Best Practice: Remaining coursework completion within one term or semester
  • Requirement: Alternate grade                                                             
    • Best Practice: Grade student will have earned without the completion of the remaining requirements

When issuing an incomplete, the faculty member must explicitly state the commitment of the student and the faculty member. The faculty of record is expected to grade submitted work and post a final grade, using a Change of Grade Form, in a timely manner.

 Students should not be awarded incompletes in lieu of earning failing grades. If the student stops attending but fails to withdraw properly, the faculty of record should assign a student’s earned grade and/or a WF, not an incomplete. Incompletes should also not be awarded when faculty members have recommended students to the Plagiarism Prevention Program (PPP).

By more closely monitoring incompletes and their resolutions, Webster can keep students on track to meet their academic goals.


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