New book by Jeff Haldeman, Ready for Anything: The Making of a Change Leader

Aug. 2, 2016

New book by Jeff Haldeman, Ready for Anything: The Making of a Change Leader
Ready for Anything is now available for purchase through Cognella Academic Publishing.

ST. LOUIS  – Jeff Haldeman, professor of management in the Walker School of Business & Technology has a new change leadership book out with Cognella Acaemic Publishing.

Incorporating ideas and insights from diverse sources, Ready for Anything: The Making of a Change Leader examines organizational change leadership from a radical, existential perspective. By drawing on disciplines outside the business field, the material broadens readers' understanding of how organizations live, breathe, grow, and die, and empowers them to act.

“The purpose of the book is to broaden understanding and deepen people’s ability to act during organizational change,” said Jeff Haldeman, author and professor of management at Webster University. “As managers and employees, we must personally change if we are going to effectively resolve the organizational dilemmas accompanying change. We need to change our point of view and the framing of our experience. We can choose to be stymied, cling to previous ideologies, or walk with determination through the deserted wasteland that is our present transitional home. It’s up to us. There is no easy way out. This book offers a unique perspective on how we can change ourselves to meet the challenges of external change.”

Each chapter features an essay on a change-related topic, brief case scenarios, and reflection questions that encourage self-examination and discovery. Combining a holistic view of management and leadership with a dedication to the view that everyone is responsible for the reality they create, both at work and in life, Ready for Anything: The Making of a Change Leader offers a fresh, vital viewpoint that will benefit courses on management and organizational behavior.

The book will be used in a number of courses within the Walker School including Practicing Change Leadership (CHNG 5000) and Organizational Development and Change (DMGT 7520).

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