Advertising Campaign Class Wins District 9 of National Student Advertising Competition

Apr. 20, 2017

Advertising Campaign Class Wins District 9 National Student Advertising Competition
Webster University Advertising Campaign class is once again the District 9 winner of the National Student Advertising Competition

The Webster University Advertising Campaign class is once again the District 9 winner of the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC).

The Advertising Campaign class is made up of 15-member team of copywriters, designers, and account service members. A client (Tai Pei) provided a case study outlining the company's current marketing and advertising challenge.

Students conducted extensive research, through focus groups, taste tests, shop alongs, free association tests, surveys, and numerous interviews. After conducting research on the client, primary and secondary competition, and target audience they identified problem areas for the brand and came to a campaign strategy.

The team created an integrated marketing and retail campaign in a 27 page plans book with polished digital, broad reach, social media, retail/promotion, and PR tactics. After submitting their plans book they qualified to compete at the district level. This past weekend, they traveled to Kansas City to present at District 9's National Student Advertising Competition where they competed against schools from Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. They presented a 20-minute presentation of their campaign followed by a 10-minute Q & A with a panel of judges. The team received 1st place and received a special recognition for "Outstanding Graphic Design."

With the district win, they will now compete in semi-finals from May 4-5 and, hopefully followed by nationals in New Orleans from June 7-8.

"Congratulations to our advertising students, Julie Clark and Michael Whitmer, the instructors of the advertising campaigns competition class, and all of our advertising and marketing communications faculty members who contribute to this success," said Eric Rothenbuhler, dean of the School of Communications.

Webster's Advertising Campaign Team

  • Jared Campbell – account supervisor
  • Chau Luu – account executive/media planner
  • Julian Jordan – account executive
  • Mallory Grimm – account executive
  • Zack Dixon – account executive
  • Megan Keegan – creative director
  • Myra Nelson – plans book director
  • Becky Schmidt – art director/plans book assistant
  • Sarah Boudreau – art director/plans book assistant
  • Stephanie Schroeder – art director/plans book assistant
  • Hali Dean – art director
  • Taylor Nanney – art director
  • Mitchel England – production artist
  • Angela Karas – copywriter
  • Roland Barge – copywriter


Students Reflect on their Achievement

“There was this moment after we gave our presentation and Q & A, where we had to patiently wait for the judges to walk out of the room. As the door closed, we let out a roar of excitement and pride as tears of joy flooded our faces. In that moment, we still didn’t know who was going to win the competition, but what we knew to be a fact was that our team had done something truly phenomenal. I knew whether or not we got the trophy, I was tremendously proud to be a part of this extraordinary team that I loved so dearly. In that moment all our hard work paid off and that was a trophy in itself.”

–Jared Campbell, account supervisor

“Our team worked so hard for our success with the American Advertising Federation’s 2017 National Student Advertising Competition. I was a part of this class last year with that year’s sponsor, Snapple. In 2016 we took home first place in our district, passed through semi-finals and placed in the top 8 at nationals in Anaheim, California. I’m so excited and proud of my team’s efforts, dedication, and hard work this semester that resulted in Webster University keeping the District 9 first place title two years in a row. With semi-final approaching in just a few weeks, we have a lot to prepare for this next half of the competition. But our team is nothing but a dynamic collaboration of talented, driven young professionals. I know we will finish the National Student Advertising Competition just as strong and focused as when we started. I couldn’t be more proud of our work and more excited for competition ahead.”

–Megan Keegan, creative director

Webster's Advertising Campaign Timeline

August 2016 – The Advertising Research course begins and students start conducting research for AAF’s selected client Tai Pei.

December 2016 – Students present their final Advertising Research presentations.

December 2016 – Students interview for the Competitive Advertising Campaign course.

January 2017 – The class advisors Julie Clark and Michael Whitmer selected 15 students for the Advertising Campaign team.

January 2017 – At the end of the first class, each of the 15 students were given their roles for this semester.

March 24, 2017 – The team submits their 27-page plans book and campaign for Tai Pei in order to qualify to compete at district competition.

April 13-15, 2017 – The team traveled to Kansas City for District 9’s National Student Advertising Competition and presented a 20-minute presentation followed by a 10 minute Q & A with a panel of judges. The team competed against Mizzou, UMSL, Lindenwood, Northern Iowa University, and University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The team received 1st place and received a special recognition for "Outstanding Graphic Design."

What's Next?

May 4-5 – The team qualified to compete in semi-finals. They will present a five-minute presentation of their campaign through Skype followed by a 10-minute Q & A with a panel of judges

June 7-8 – The team will hopefully qualify to compete with seven other teams for the final round of competition at the National Student Advertising Competition in New Orleans

Story by Jared Campbell '17

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