Biology Thesis Presentations May 10-11

May. 9, 2017

Biology Thesis Presentations May 10-11

Webster University faculty members and students are invited to attend Biology senior thesis presentations, May 10 from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. in the EAB, room 253/262 and on May 11 from 9:30 a.m.-3 p.m., EAB, room 253/262

May 10 student presenters include: Jacob Marsh, Caroline Patterson, Park Mason, Chelsea Foster, Sophia Stair, Nicole Riley, CJ Moore, Sarah Huss, Victoria McBain, Tyler Thomas, Abbie Pfeiffer and Jonathan Odjo.

May 11 student presenters include: Jasmine Skopljak, Tess Holtmeyer, Krystal Meza, Rowena Messmore, Joe Elfrink, Katelyn Sullens, Katie O'Toole, George Foehrer, Valeria Martin and Erin McGinnis

Below is a complete schedule of presentations:    

Wednesday, May 10 Thesis Presentations Schedule

Jacob Marsh at 9 a.m.- Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug use and their influences on angiotensin conversion and heart rate

Caroline Patterson at 9:30 a.m.- Identifying Trends in American Burying Beetle Husbandry

Park Mason at 10 a.m.- Marine-Freshwater Transition in Pyrocystis fusiformis

Chelsea Foster at 10:30 a.m.- Variable Soil Conditions Affect Multi-Species Terrariums

Sophia Stair at 11 a.m.- Dissection of the functional components of an Auxin Efflux Family Carrier Protein promoter in Arabidopsis thaliana

Nicole Riley at 11:30 a.m.- Allelic replacement of ompC and ompF the characterization of the T-cell response to the uropathogenic Escherichia coli strain UTI89

Lunch break at Noon

CJ Moore at 1 p.m.- Compression Gear as it Relates to Vertical Testing Pre, During, and Post Workout

Sarah Huss at 1:30 p.m.- Exploring Connections within the Circadian Clock: the LWD1, LWD2, TIC Interactome

Victoria McBain at 2 p.m.- Effects of Insulin on PC12 Cells in Cell Culture

Tyler Thomas at 2:30 p.m.- Effects of Vitamin C on Lung Cancer Cells

Abbie Pfeiffer at 3 p.m.- The Effect of Vitamin D on RIN-m cells

Jonathan Odjo at 3:30 p.m.- Sodium in Sports Drinks as it Relates to Cortisol Levels and Performance in Athletes During and Post Exercise

Thursday, May 11 Thesis Presentations Schedule

Jasmin Skopljak at 9:30 a.m.- Maclura pomifera on cancerous melanoma cells

Tess Holtmeyer at 10 a.m.- Are Basidiomycete Yeasts Present in the Cortex of Macrolichen in Missouri?

Krystal Meza at 10:30 a.m.- Deconvoluting the Response to Common Herbicide Compounds in Western Harvester Ants

Rowena Messmore at 11 a.m.- The effect of Bacillus thuringiensis on non-target organisms

Joe Elfrink at 11:30 a.m.- Effects of a Common Agricultural Herbicide on Western Harvester Ant Behavior and Gene Expression

Lunch Break at Noon

Katelyn Sullens at 1 p.m.- Correlations between Sleeping Patterns and Cortisol Levels within Student Athletes throughout the Semester

Katie O'Toole at 1:30 p.m.-  Foot Position and Body Stance on a Sprint Start

George Foehrer at 2 p.m.- The Effects of Creatine on Citrate Synthase Activity in Mouse Cell Line

Valeria Martin at 2:30 p.m.- Acoustic Monitoring of Bees in Commercial Blueberry Plots

Erin McGinnis at 3 p.m.- The Effects of Sevoflurane on the Osmolality of RPMI-1640 media when cultured with PC-12 Cells

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