Academic Advising Center Summer Opportunities

Feb. 1, 2017

Academic Advising Center Summer Opportunities

This year the Academic Advising Center will have a limited number of advising stipends available for full-time faculty to aid in our summer freshmen and transfer student registration.  Both new and veteran faculty are eligible. They are mandated by Academic Affairs to have a mix of both new and experienced faculty on the summer team.

The positions call for a limited number of hours to be worked during the May-August registration season for group sessions for Freshmen as well as individual appointments in the Academic Advising Center. 

The Freshman Day programs in late May and June continue to evolve to increase our capacity while continuing our signature individualized attention to students. This year they will have just 8 programs, but invite 40 students and their families to each. They will then register 20 students at a time in two different computer labs.  

Individual advising appointments with new students are scheduled from May thru August. They will strive both to provide ample coverage throughout the summer while concentrating faculty advisor availability when students most need us.

Contact Kim Kleinman with inquiries and/or questions.