ThompsonTalks: Music Faculty Share Sabbatical Projects Sept. 29

Sep. 28, 2017

Colletti, Portnoy, DeMarinis and Schene will discuss their projects
Colletti, Portnoy, DeMarinis and Schene will discuss their research at the Sept. 29 edition of ThompsonTalks.

Join us for a ThompsonTalk this Friday, Sept. 29, at 1 p.m. in the Thompson Music Building recital hall. Four department of music professors will provide enlightened and enlightening reports on their sabbatical projects.

Last year, Daniel Schene, Carla Colletti, Kim Portnoy, and Paul DeMarinis each took a semester to be creative and inquisitive on their faculty development leaves. This ThompsonTalk brings their research and creativity to the forefront. Martha J. Hart will moderate.  

“We rarely have four professors on leave in the same year, so we thought we might have some fun and ask each of them to give students and faculty some results of their projects,” said Jeffrey Carter, chair of the Department of Music.  

The department of music's ThompsonTalks feature a wide variety of speakers. For more information, please visit their site.

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