Applied Educational Psychology, School Psychology Students and Faculty Present Research in Las Vegas, South Bend

Mar. 28, 2018

School of Education students and faculty present in Las Vegas and South Bend
Students and faculty presented their research at conferences in Las Vegas and South Bend this spring.

Several students and faculty in the Applied Educational Psychology and School Psychology programs recently presented papers and/or posters from recent research at two conferences this spring.

They presented their work at the 47th Annual Meeting of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research in Las Vegas, Nevada, in February and the APA Division 48 national conference of Psychology and Peace 2018 in South Bend, Indiana, in March.

In Indiana, presenters included: Esa Alaraurdanjoki, Debbie Stiles, Centron Felder. Sarah Aton-Wade, Sepideh Shirafkan, Keely Korstange, Ajah Thomas, Alexis Goldfeld and Nicole Richards.

Their papers, posters and/or panels covered these research topics:

  • “A child rights perspective on child trafficking in schools in two locations: Missouri and Finland” (Stiles, D.A., Alaraurdanjoki, E.A,, and Felder, C.)
  • “The benefits of an Islamic environment for Muslim elementary school students.” (Shirafkan, S.)
  • “Racial injustice, posttraumatic healing and organizational resilience in St. Louis schools.” (Korstanje, K.C., Thomas, A.J., Aton-Wade, S.E., Richards, N.L., Felder, C., Castor, M., Stiles, D.A., and Falconer, J.W.)
  • “The impact of the presidential election of Donald J. Trump on children in schools: An analysis of the data from Missouri.” (Stiles, D.A., Falconer, J.W., Castor, M., Winn, L., and Brewer, S.D.)
  • “Human trafficking: What do Missouri educators and school mental health professionals know.” (Felder, C., Goldfeld, A., Monsour, T., Kimbrough, M., and Stiles, D.A.)

In Las Vegas, Webster presenters included: Debbie Stiles, Keary Ritchie, Lisa Wilkinson, Esa Alaraudanjoki for panel presentations on the following topics:

  • "An International, Cross-Cultural Perspective on the Importance of Psychological Resilience for High School and College Students Who Are Non-Native Speakers of English." (Alaraudanjoki, E.A. (panelist), Stiles, D.A.,. Ritchie, K.L., Wilkinson, L.R.)
  • "Instructors in Community Colleges Can Support Psychological Resilience and Build Community in their Traumatized Immigrant and Refugee Students" (Wilkinson, L.R. (panelist), Yamaguchi, R., Ritchie, K.L., Stiles, D.A.)
  • "High School Teachers Can Promote Social-Emotional Learning and Resilience in their Traumatized Immigrant and Refugee Students." (Ritchie, K.L. (panelist), Stiles, D.A., Wilkinson, L. R., Escalona, M.I.) 
  • "Learning about Psychological Resilience and International Research Helps Teachers of Immigrant and Refugee Students" (Stiles, D.A. (panelist), Ritchie, K.L., Wilkinson, L.R., Lancia, O.) 

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