Call for Papers: Webster Philosophy Conference

Jan. 23, 2018

Call for Papers: Webster Philosophy Conference
The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, Feb. 7

All undergraduate students are invited to submit their work for consideration to be presented at the 13th Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference. We hope you will encourage interested undergraduate students to submit their work for consideration, and we hope you and they will attend the conference.

The conference will take place Friday, March 30, at the Webster University home campus.

Call For Papers

Submissions are due by Wednesday, Feb. 7.


  • We will accept philosophical papers on any subject
  • Papers should be about 7-10 pages
  • Be prepared to offer a presentation of your topic of 20 minutes followed by question and answer
  • Include a cover sheet and abstract
  • Submit your paper via email (any standard file type)

Please put any identifying information on a separate sheet of paper! (This is so we are able to evaluate your writings through a blind review)

For more information regarding Webster's Philosophy Conference please email Bruce Umbaugh or call 314-968-7172.

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