St. Louis Science Fair: Call for collegiate judges

Feb. 15, 2018

St. Louis’ Science Fair: Call for collegiate judges

The College of Arts and Sciences is hosting the Honors Division of the Academy of Sciences, St. Louis’ Science Fair on Saturday, Feb. 24. Roughly 75 science experts from the region will judge student projects during a morning poster session and an afternoon oral defense.

The top ten students will receive $1,000 college scholarship, and the top two will be invited to attend the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh.


The Academy of Science - St. Louis is seeking volunteers with advanced degrees or certification (M.D., Ph.D., P.E., D.Sc., et al.) to evaluate collegiate-quality student science projects. Grad students in science-related field are eligible.
Click here for judge details and registration.
Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018
8 a.m.- 12 p.m. Round I
12-4 p.m. Final Round
Webster University, Browning Hall, Interdisciplinary Science Building

2018 Student Honors Division Science Projects


  • Effect of Choice on Student Performance and Perception of Class
  • Socio-economic County Level Factors of Prescription Opioid Availability and Abuse
  • Singing in the Shower With A Broken Radio:  Pareidolia in Neutral White Noise


  • Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography Can Measure the Effects of Sterol Ligands on the Thermal Stability of Voltage Dependent Anion Channels


  • Targeted anti-cMYC-MAX targeted drug anti-restenosis therapy preserves endothelial proliferation healing capacity while inhibiting Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell proliferation
  • The Astonishing Effects of Almond on Teenage Memory
  • The Effect of Caffeine on a Daphnia's Heartrate
  • The Effect of Caffeine on Reproduction Rates of First Generation Drosophila Offspring
  • The Effect of Increased Gravity on Reproductive Rates of Drosophila melanogaster
  • The Effects of Fluoride Varnish on Tooth Enamel
  • The Validation of the Psychological Effects of "Superbrain Yoga" through the use of a Brain Computer Interface (BCI)


  •  Gradient Analysis Using Mic rofluidic Devices
  • The Effect of Angle of Incline on Knee Joints
  • Evaluating the effect of varied pressure on the production of nano/sub-micron hydrogel particles through multiple apparatuses


  • A Thermodynamic Approach to Predicting Gal4 Binding


  • Data-Analytics Modeling to Detect Peripheral Neuropathy:  Augmenting Big Data with Google Trends


  •  Ecotourism and Its Possible Links to the Spread of Pathogens in the Galapagos Islands
  • The Effect of Different pH Levels on Artemia franciscana
  • The Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Phytoplankton
  • Understanding the Impact of Cultural Eutrophication on Aquatic Resources
  • Bioplastics


  •  The Lusztig-Vogan Bijection in the Case of the Trival Representation


  •  Making a Better Quantum Computer
  • Coding Analysis of Schrodingers Cat
  • A Geant4 Monte Carlo Simulation of a Quantum Entanglement Experiment of the Decay of Spin-Singlet State Positronium:  Computer Replication and Multiple Scattering Mitgation
  • The Effectiveness of Shielding Materials in Response to Radiation Sources


  •  Allelopathy in Lonicera maackii

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