Leiden Student's Sexology Research Leads to More Opportunities

Jun. 6, 2018

In Portugal
Schook's presentation in Portugal led to an invitation to present a
workshop at a Sex Positive conference in Norway.

Catherine Schook, a MA in Psychology with an Emphasis in Counseling Psychology student at Webster University's Leiden campus, recently presented her research findings on sex positive attitudes at the European Federation of Sexology (EFS) Congress in Albuferia, Portugal, on behalf of Webster Leiden.

Her bachelor’s thesis, “Sex positive attitudes of university psychology students,” was well received by the over 750 attendees, including several Dutch universities and associations.

Schook's ambition for her graduate thesis is to assess changes in sex positivity for training therapists after attending workshops about diverse relationships types. “Not all clients will be monogamous heterosexuals,” she said, “and as counseling therapists we need to be positive and prepared for all types of clients and how they show love and fun.”

Schook is currently seeking funding to further develop this Webster research into a PhD study due to its relevance and the overwhelming feedback she received from professionals about this lacking education in psychology and in medical programs in general.

Due to her participation at the conference in Albuferia and as a representative of Webster Leiden, she has been asked to apply for a member position on the Youth Committee of EFS. 

She has also been asked to give a workshop at an upcoming Sex Positive Conference in Oslo, Norway based on her Webster research. For more information, contact her at cschook04@webster.edu.

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