European Studies Major Wins the St. Louis Stuttgart Sister Cities Travel Scholarship

Mar. 20, 2018

European Studies Major Wins the St. Louis Stuttgart Sister Cities Travel Scholarship
Professor Paula Hanssen with Samantha Womack

Webster University European Studies major Samantha Womack has received the Summer 2018 St. Louis Stuttgart Sister Cities travel scholarship. The scholarship is for students studying German and/or working in a German-speaking country.

Womack studied German for one year in high school and decided to continue at Webster University, even spending one year at Webster's Vienna, Austria campus studying and getting to know Austria and surrounding countries.

She chose to major in European Studies because it is similar to the history major but focused on Europe and European culture and language studies.

“I've always been fascinated with Europe, and I love studying history and culture, partly because of my German heritage," Womack said. "I used German every day in Vienna, especially for reading signs and communicating."

Womack is looking forward to learning more about German culture and working in Europe during the internship in the state of Baden-Wurtemberg close to Stuttgart, a sister city of St. Louis. Besides experiencing work culture in Germany, she will be able to gain life skills and grow her resume.

Any students interested in the Germany internship or German language studies should please contact Paula Hanssen, associate professor of German and chair of International Studies in the Department of International Languages & Cultures.

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