Student Success Portal Fall Midterm Progress Surveys Launch Oct. 19 

Oct. 12, 2018

Student Success Portal Fall Midterm Progress Surveys launch Oct. 19 

The Fall Midterm Progress Survey will launch via the Student Success Portal on Friday, Oct. 19, 2018. This survey will be distributed to all Fall semester-long U.S. domestic courses, on-ground and online, and will be available for faculty to complete during a 10-day window that will close on Monday, Oct. 29, 2018. 

Progress Surveys make reporting the academic progress of students easy and efficient by allowing faculty members to raise early alerts (Flags) for items and to provide positive feedback (Kudos) to students.  


The Midterm Progress Survey includes:

  • No Feedback (Default)
  • Academic Performance Alert (Flag)
  • General Concern (Flag)
  • Low Quiz/Test Scores (Flag)
  • Showing Improvement (Kudos)
  • Keep up the Good Work (Kudos)
  • Great Leadership (Kudos)

Do not enter any Title IX (Sexual Misconduct) information. Instead, please visit this site. For Code of Conduct violations, please visit the Conduct Reporting form.

The survey information will be emailed to faculty, and the surveys will be accessible to faculty on the Home and Students pages of the Student Success Portal. Each survey will only take a few minutes to complete. It is recommended that faculty members pick only one option and include comments to facilitate student understanding or leave the student information defaulted to no feedback.

Even if faculty have no feedback during the 10-day window the survey is open, they should submit the survey(s) and know that flags and kudos can be raised at any time outside of the survey as well.  

Any flags raised will be routed to appropriate Webster personnel (often the assigned advisor) who will help students with the issues raised by the flags, closing the loop on the concern raised. Faculty should also clear the relevant flags when the issue has been addressed. Details on clearing flags are available here.

More information, including a detailed Progress Survey FAQ section, can be found at A two-minute video on how to complete a Progress Survey is also available.

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