University Welcomes Students in Academic Resource Center's Summer TAP Program July 18-27

Jul. 16, 2018

Webster Prepares to Welcome Students in Summer TAP Program

Wednesday, July 18, marks the beginning of the annual summer TAP (Transition and Academic Prep) program. TAP, a component of the Transitions program, serves first-time freshmen and transfer students with less than thirty credit hours.

The 10-day intensive program centers sharpening college-level writing, research, academic integrity, and citation skills while supplementing with navigating campus resources. English department faculty will serve as instructors for WRIT 1000, in which successful completion will grant two free credit hours to the participants.

While TAP is housed in the Academic Resource Center, many departments aid in its success. Presentations from departments include First Year Experience and Undergraduate Persistence, Study Abroad, Career Planning and Development, the Library Team, and Counseling and Life Development among others. This year’s theme of Identity will challenge students’ thinking and help them explore the intricacies that make us unique. Additionally, the students will have a wide range of opportunities to engage with each other, on campus, with activities such as the campus scavenger hunt and off campus at venues such as Sports Fusion in Chesterfield.

2017 TAP participantsWith the help of partnering departments across campus, during the 10-day TAP program participants live on campus, take a two-credit college course, and participate in a variety of workshops and activities to help their transition to university life.

To further spark engagement, each year the program employs former TAP students as resident assistants (RAs) charged with helping to lead during the program and mentor participants during the school year. This year’s RAs are Chorsie Martin III, Cheyenne Parker, Justin Klos, and Travis Haughton; each a member of the TAP class of 2017.

Be sure to welcome the newest Gorloks as they move in on Wednesday and immediately begin to explore campus.

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