New Accommodations Guidelines: Occasional Absences Due to Medical Reason(s) and Flexible Assignment Deadlines

Jan. 29, 2019

New Accommodations Guidelines: Occasional Absences Due to Medical Reason(s) and Flexible Assignment Deadlines

As of mid-fall 2018, the Academic Resource Center (ARC) guidelines for implementing accommodations for occasional absences due to a medical reason(s) and flexible assignment deadlines have changed. These adjustments were made to create more structure around these accommodations and to ensure that students and faculty are better supported in the implementation of the accommodations. 

Students are provided access to these accommodations in the event that they are unable to attend class and/or meet an assignment deadline for disability-related reasons. Please be assured that the ARC has communicated with all students that the expectation is that they should be attending all of their classes and turning in all of their work on time. However, while students who access these accommodations may certainly plan to attend all of their classes and/or turn all of their work in on time, these accommodations provide a cushion of support in the event that students are unable to attend class and/or meet deadlines due to disability-related reasons.

Essentially, implementation of these accommodations revolves around a conversation between faculty members and students detailing where faculty can (or cannot) be flexible with attendance and/or assignment deadlines in their classes. The ARC fully understands and has communicated to students that there may be instances in which faculty cannot accommodate attendance and/or be flexible with assignment deadlines. Following this conversation between students and faculty members, both parties will sign contracts indicating students and faculty have come to an agreement on how these accommodations will be implemented. Students will return the signed contracts to Nellie Hopmann, Academic ADA Coordinator, at which point the accommodations will be ready to be accessed. For students accessing classes at alternate St. Louis locations and online, students may forward Hopmann an email in which faculty and students communicate they have spoken about the implementation of these accommodations. Hopmann’s contact information is listed below.

Students who will be accessing these accommodations in the Spring 2019 semester and/or the Spring 1 term have received copies of these guidelines. Students should be approaching faculty soon, if they have not done so already, to discuss implementation.

Thank you for your continued work in ensuring that all students are able to access their accommodations. Please feel free to reach out to Nellie Hopmann in the ARC with questions:

Nellie Hopmann, Academic ADA Coordinator

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