WebsterLEADS Poster Presentations Now Available Online

May. 13, 2020

WebsterLEAD Poster Presentation Now Virtual

The WebsterLEADS Spring 2020 cohort Poster Presentations that would have normally taken place last month has had to find a new format to show the Webster community. Due to the COVID-19, the normal poster presentations have been replaced with publishing each student's poster online. 

Students usually present original leadership models of personally compelling leaders. This is the final project for the foundations course of the WebsterLEADS program: The Challenge of Leading.

WebsterLEADS Spring 2020 Poster Presentations [PDF]

Spring 2020 Cohort Members

  • Sam Banden
  • Allison Coil
  • Cas Waigand
  • Drew Edelstein
  • Nick Gallagher
  • Parker Guterman
  • Ramona Johnson
  • Shaeleigh Parsons
  • Taryn Banfield
  • Tori Cichelero
  • Tavis Cameron
  • Jordan Smovell
  • Gabby Buchholz
  • Maggie Nelson


For 20 years, WebsterLEADS has engaged students in an on-going application of scholarship and practical leadership experiences that develops a foundation from which they will change the world. LEADS is an acronym that stands for Learn, Evolve, Apply, Develop and Serve. This is used to encompass everything you will participate in and gain during the program.

WebsterLEADS provides a self-paced, co-curricular, leadership education experience that students complete with the guidance of peers and veteran WebsterLEADS participants. Each participant's involvement culminates with receiving the Leadership Certificate, which is awarded when students complete the entire curriculum and usually coincides with graduation.

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