Alumni-Student Mentoring Program Open to Students Worldwide

Sep. 2, 2015

Alumni-Student Mentoring Program Open to Students Worldwide
Alumni mentors help current students prepare to meet their goals.

The Webster Mentoring Program provides an opportunity for students and alumni to connect in a positive one-on-one mentoring relationship.

Through this six-month program, alumni can provide guidance and support to students by interacting with them, exchanging ideas, and sharing their experiences and knowledge of career paths. Alumni mentors give back to their alma mater by serving as role models and leaders as they help students reach their career goals.

This year the program is open to all Webster students worldwide. 

Last year, 62 alumni and students participated in the program; more than double the year before. This year we are opening the program worldwide. As one example, Chris McGee ’01 mentored Stephanie Lefler '15, who graduated in May 2015 and soon secured a job in the Webster Groves School District.

Program participants will be selected and matched in October. The mentoring program will run from Nov. 1 to May 1.

For more information and to apply please visit

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