Webster University Students Contribute to “Stay Tuned” Television Show on PBS

Jan. 31, 2013

Webster University Students Contribute to “Stay Tuned” Television Show on PBS

ST. LOUIS, January 25, 2013 – Students in the Webster University School of Communications are stepping out of the classroom and into the television studio.  As a part of the New Media and Social Engagement class, they are gaining hands-on experience with a show airing on The Nine Network in St. Louis.

The show, Stay Tuned, has a town hall format and discusses a single issue each week with a host, guests, a studio audience and additional video segments. However, the show differs from traditional town hall formats by incorporating social media into the broadcast. Viewers participate using Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #StayTunedSTL. Guests are brought in via Google+ Hangouts. 

“Since the show is relatively new, our students have been able to contribute their ideas and try their hand at research, editing or social media,” said Kristen DiFate, Assistant Professor, School of Communications. “They aren't pigeon-holed into one specific task but they are learning about all aspects of the show's production using the social media channels that are most popular with their peers.” 

“This class is an example of how we integrate theory and practice, providing students hands-on experience in a professional production; they won't just be ‘work ready,' but already experienced when they graduate,” said Eric Rothenbuhler, Dean of the School of Communications. “Assistant Professor Aaron AuBuchon's video production class is also contributing pre-recorded packages for the show.”

The Nine Network has been pleased with the partnership, “We're delighted to have the insights and talents of these students from the Webster University School of Communications who offer additional depth and context to the work of Stay Tuned,” said Amy Shaw, Senior Vice President of Community Engagement and the Executive Producer Stay Tuned. “It's essential for the Nine Network to leverage the perspectives and resources that these students provide to us.”

DiFate expects to offer the class again in the fall semester and says that students of all majors are welcome to register.  

The program airs every Thursday evening at 9 p.m. CT on PBS and can also be viewed on their website athttp://staytuned.ninenet.org/.