Classroom Production House: Webster University Students Learn While Helping Build a Brand

Feb. 13, 2013

Classroom Production House: Webster University Students Learn While Helping Build a Brand

ST. LOUIS, Feb. 13, 2013 – Once students graduate into the working world, class projects are replaced by client meetings but for a few students at Webster University, one class is offering a slice of professional life.

The class, “Pro-Seminar in Video Production” is offered through Webster University's School of Communications. From client meetings to final projects, the work load mimics that of a professional video production house. While the students have completed professional-quality videos for other organizations in previous semesters, they can now add their own university to their client list with the completion of six videos promoting programs and majors on campus.

“When I heard that the Global Marketing & Communications Department had a need for additional videos, I thought it was a great opportunity to prove that our students are just as proficient as people who do this work professionally,” said Aaron AuBuchon, Assistant Professor, Electronic and Photographic Media.

The class received direction on University programs that needed additional coverage and used some existing videos as a template for what was needed. Students did the work on each video from the planning and shooting to the editing.

“We have so much talent on campus, it was a great chance for us to work across units at Webster University to create something that could benefit students, our department and the overall University,” said Karen Burch, Manager, Video and Photography at Webster University. “This was an opportunity for the Global Marketing and Communications Department to utilize their video and editing skills, while the students were able to build their professional portfolio.”

Students also saw the value in the project. “I feel much more confident in my ability to go out and interact with clients in a professional setting,” said Catharine Goeke, a student in AuBuchon's class. “I know that I am capable of leading a team in a project and working with that team throughout the whole process. It's very valuable to be able to walk away from college and know that you already have the experience that will help you get jobs and grow as a professional.”

Jeff G'Sell, another student in the class, acted as lead editor on many of the videos and agreed that the production house set-up is beneficial for his career. “This class gives us the unique opportunity to work on projects for clients that will actually be used,” he said “This allows us to have professional video pieces to add to our portfolio which puts me in a position where I feel more prepared for my future career.”

Webster University is just one of many clients on the classes' roster. Students are also doing work for Tenth Life, a St. Louis shelter for cats; Emmaus Homes, a faith-based non-profit helping those with developmental disabilities in the St. Louis area; the “Stay Tuned” show on the Nine Network; and Zombie Squad, an international organization that teaches about survival preparedness and disaster training.

The Webster University videos created by the Pro-Seminar class can be viewed on the University's YouTube page and include an inside look at the following programs: PhotographyCombined DegreeVideo ProductionPolitical Science,Mathematics and Education and Animation.