Webster University Statement on Restoring Respect

Aug. 13, 2014

As leaders of a global institution dedicated to diversity and inclusion, the news coming out of St. Louis this week is heart wrenching.

As parents with our own families, we are saddened at the tragic events of this week being reported in St. Louis. As community members, we are further saddened at the violence in the streets and in businesses in Ferguson and beyond. And as leaders of Webster University, it is a stark reminder that our work to open minds through educational opportunities is never done.

Let us come together as a community, a nation and a world to gain a deeper understanding of our own and others’ values. Let us continue the difficult conversations necessary to move forward. It is only by doing so that we will begin to restore the respect for ourselves and for others that will allow us to flourish as a society.

Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble, PhD

Julian Z. Schuster, PhD