Webster Partners with MARITAGE International to Develop Scholarship Opportunities

Sep. 11, 2013

Webster Partners with MARITAGE International to Develop Scholarship Opportunities

ST. LOUIS, September 11, 2013 – During her recent visit to Indonesia, Webster President Elizabeth J. “Beth” Stroble was an honored guest at the launch of MARITAGE Indonesia, part of the global MARITAGE International non-profit initiative that seeks to economically empower female artisan groups in developing countries through collaboration with the public and private sectors. The movement seeks to enhance women's skills and creativity, and improve their access to quality health care and education.

During the event, Stroble and officials from MARITAGE International announced plans to explore a potential scholarship program dedicated to women whose needs and interests match those of both institutions. The goal of the program is to build capacity among women toward stronger economies in a time of changing demographics.

“There is a natural and strategic connection between educating girls and empowering women, which is a global imperative to an improved livelihood of women around the world,” Stroble said. “Improving children's and women's health and education is fundamental to empowering women's leadership and productivity, which, in turn, will increase women's financial resources. Ultimately, improved financial resources will result in improved health and education for themselves and their families. MARITAGE is an ideal organization for Webster to partner with because we both focus on developing entrepreneurial talents of underprivileged women in the developing world.”


Stroble also has been selected as MARITAGE's “Honorary for Global Knowledge” for her role in leading a global academicuniversity. As part of this honor, Stroble will speak during MARITAGE's launch of “A Shawl for All Women” campaign in November in New York City. During the event, art produced by women around the world will be presented, displayed and deliberated at a series of lectures and roundtable discussions. Innovators, business leaders, government representatives, international dignitaries, academia and other non-governmental organizations will form partnerships that further multicultural art and heritage as a vehicle for sustainable development.

At the event, Stroble will discuss Webster's origin as one of the first U.S. women's colleges west of the Mississippi River, the strong place of the arts in Webster's history and academic identity, and the university's truly global mission serving students in 60 cities, eight countries and four continents. She will describe the importance of investments in girls' and women's education and health as a result of building the capacity of women to thrive as artists and entrepreneurs.