Webster Study Abroad Colleagues Gather in Leiden

Oct. 5, 2012

Webster Study Abroad Colleagues Gather in Leiden

This year's meeting was hosted by Leiden faculty mentor Christine Benninger at Webster Leiden's Living and Learning Center.

Participants included representatives from Webster campuses in London, Vienna, Leiden, Geneva, China, Thailand and St. Louis.

“The purpose of the meeting is for Study Abroad colleagues to review best practices in an effort to better serve Webster students with their international experience and travels, along with building stronger teamwork among Study Abroad international colleagues,” said Guillermo Rodrigues, director of Study Abroad & International Projects in St. Louis.

Another goal of this year's conference was the discussion of new efforts to increase the number of students who cross borders as they strive to become global citizens.

The next Webster Worldwide Study Abroad meeting takes place in 2014 in St. Louis.