Webster Professor Attends “What Not to Wear” Finale

Oct. 14, 2013

Webster Professor Attends “What Not to Wear” Finale

ST. LOUIS, October 14, 2013 – In 2009, Gina Jensen, the Assistant Director of Webster University's Forensics and Debate Team, arrived at the KSDK studios for what she thought was an interview about non-verbal communication for the local television program “Show Me St. Louis.”  But instead of a short news segment, she was surprised by Stacy London andClinton Kelly, the hosts of TLC's “What Not to Wear” and was given a fashion intervention in New York City.

Since then, her episode has aired regularly in reruns and Jensen is recognized wherever she goes.

“There's no sneaking out without make-up, people will know me from the show,” said Jenson. “Whether I'm on campus, at the pediatrician's office with a sick kid or at orientation for my daughter's high school, I'm recognized from the show.”

After 10 years of makeovers, “What Not to Wear” airs its final episode on Friday, October 18. Over the years, the show has conducted more than 300 makeovers, and for the final episode, the show invited hundreds of their makeover recipients to Las Vegas for a finale party.  Jensen was selected to be a part of a small group to give interviews that will air throughout that final episode.

Gina, Carmody and Ted

“It was a long day of interviews,” said Jensen. “But while I was waiting to be interviewed on camera, I got to meet a number of the other contributors and it was fun to get to know them after watching their dramatic changes on the show throughout the years.”

Jensen was able to visit with the hosts Stacy and Clinton and was also able to see Ted Gibson, the show's hair stylist and Carmindy Bowyer, the make-up artist.

“My nickname on the show was ‘Mom Jean Gina' and Clinton made sure that I wasn't wearing mom jeans even though they were supposedly back in style earlier this year.”

Jensen has remembered their style advice over the years but says that her experience on the show hasn't made her more critical of the fashion choices of colleagues or friends,  “I aspire to be as stylish as most of the people in my life.”

 The final two-hour episode of “What Not to Wear” will air on TLC on Friday, October 18 at 8 p.m. CT.