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Heof, Broeder, Buck and Preuss (clockwise from top left)

GLA Spring Week Wraps with Focus on Leadership, Student Experience

March 17, 2017

The 2017 cohort of Global Leadership Academy fellows is spending the year working around the theme of "Informed advocacy for engaged leadership." This theme is framed in five sessions delving deeper into the lifecycle of the student from recruitment through the alumni experience. The group's spring week together in St. Louis wrapped up with Webster experts explaining how different points in this cycle are handled.

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GLA fellows study and practice leadership topics in workshop settings and engage in activities that complement the curriculum.

GLA Focuses on Students as Learners, Understanding Network

March 15, 2017

Global Leadership Academy's week in St. Louis continued with examinations of ways to support students as learners, with presentations on Tuesday and Wednesday from Institutional Effectiveness, the Faculty Development Center, the dean of the School of Education, a student panel and leaders of metro campuses.

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Allison Snowden of Webster Vienna and Remy Cross of the College of Arts and Sciences work through a simulation about inclusive communication with Betsy Schmutz of Human Resources.

GLA Emphasizes Understanding Webster Network, Inclusive Leadership

March 11, 2016

Members of the 2016 cohort of the Global Leadership Academy continued their first week of in-person work together, with a focus on a comprehensive understanding of the Webster University network while honing inclusive communication and leadership skills. After "meeting" online through WorldClassRoom this spring, the fellows have spent this week hearing from different University areas and outside leadership and inclusion experts.

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The opening session was about mission-driven innovation, led by Provost Julian Schuster and President Beth Stroble, who spoke from Leiden via webex.

Global Leadership Academy 2016 Opens in St. Louis

March 08, 2016

The 2016 cohort of the Global Leadership Academy met as a group in person for the first time Monday, kicking off a week of sessions for leadership development at the home campus in St. Louis. GLA fellows are selected from faculty and staff each year for a program that helps them lead successfully in their roles and positions within the University.

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