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New Email Security Feature on Webster Accounts

May 15, 2019

Effective Wednesday evening, May 15, a new email security feature will be implemented for accounts that will make it easier to identify emails that come from outside of the organization by displaying a caution message at the top of the email body. Designed to serve as a reminder to exercise caution in daily email communications, especially when opening emails from unknown or external sources, this security feature is part of Information Technology’s effort to fight spam and phishing emails.

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IT survey

IT Service Management Survey

April 30, 2019

Webster's Information Technology department has identified several key areas in which to focus future strategic plans and roadmaps. One of these areas, IT Service Management, is committed towards ongoing service and support improvements. To better understand the experience of our faculty, staff and students when they interact with IT in seeking technical support and resources, a survey has been created. Your input will be very valuable as we identify better ways to serve the Webster community.

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Workday will present a demo April 23-25.

CX Replacement Product Demo, Value Management Sessions

April 04, 2019

Information Technology and many of our University departments are at a preliminary stage of assessing what it takes to implement a new enterprise resource planning system (ERP) for Webster University. We inherently believe there is value in moving to one fully integrated system for the administration such as HR, payroll, finance and student information. We invite the Webster community to participate in product demonstration and value sessions April 23-25 with Workday, one of the top vendors in this space.

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IT Announces Office 365 Training This Summer

March 08, 2019

Information Technology is pleased to announce that it will be offering Office 365 learning and training sessions beginning this summer. Starting next week and continuing through Spring, IT will reach out to the community to discuss current usage of Office 365 tools and identify any departmental processes or opportunities that may be enhanced with increased education, training and adoption of Office 365 applications.

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If you have questions, contact the service desk.

Password Policy Compliance Measures

November 14, 2018

To ensure the security, privacy and protection of the personal and professional data of all its constituents, Information Technology will roll out password policy compliance measures to implement Webster University policy for systems, computers and mobile devices. To avoid disruption of service, please take the time to familiarize yourself with these guidelines and update your password to meet them.

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Spring 2019 Academic Technology Request Deadline, Nov. 15

November 07, 2018

In order to manage a growing catalog of software titles, Webster University’s Information Technology organization will assess all new software requests based on a number of factors in coordination with the programs of each school. The lab and multimedia classroom software request deadline for Spring 2019 is Thursday, Nov. 15th. All requests are provided to the Department Chairs to identify opportunities to support the curriculum and for budget approval and planning.

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Information Technology Announces Organizational Restructure

November 05, 2018

As part of Information Technology’s ongoing commitment to continual service improvement, Chief Information Officer Margie Muthukumaru announces additional changes to Information Technology’s organizational structure. These changes will place IT in a better position to support the Webster community and the university’s operational needs and strategic goals.

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Data protection

Privacy and Data Security Awareness Training Coming Soon

September 26, 2018

Webster University will launch interactive privacy and data security awareness training this fall for faculty and staff as part of a comprehensive initiative to educate and refine best security practices in the community. The formal training will educate employees on best practices and responsibilities for protecting student, alumni, faculty and staff data. Look for information on training and next steps soon.

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