Main Campus Construction

Sverdrup Hall

Accessing Sverdrup During Construction

Work on renovations in the Leif J. Sverdrup Complex has begun. The project includes rework of the two main entrances. As such, they will be closed. During construction, access to the building will be limited. All students and staff are requested to use the entrances on each end of the building. Special accommodations have been made for individuals with mobility issues.

For everyone’s safety, signs have been posted both in and around Sverdrup; we request you follow the directions.

The remodeling of the Sverdrup Building continues

Sverdrup Construction Update Feb 8 2018

February 08, 2018

Heat in the Sverdrup Building could be temporarily shut off Saturday as crews continue to work on the HVAC system. This work may also impact the Emerson Library as the boiler systems to the two buildings are interconnected. Other work scheduled this week include work on the Big Bend entrances, new electrical wiring and concrete work

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