Crews to Cut through First-Floor Wall of EAB during Holiday Break

Dec. 21, 2016

Crews to Cut through First-Floor Wall of EAB during Holiday Break
An exterior rendering of the Interdisciplinary Science Building

Room 141, we hardly knew you.

When students, faculty, and staff return from the holiday break, Room 141 in the East Academic Building (EAB) will no longer exist. Currently, most students and employees know it as the wood door at the north end of the east wing hall on the ground floor. Many people on campus have never opened that door because behind it is a storage room with a grey concrete floor and grey concrete walls that is filled with replacement chairs and a few tables.

When the campus community returns in early January, the door will be gone. Instead, there will be a temporary wall. Behind that wall, work crews will be building the new connecting corridor that will link the EAB to the new Interdisciplinary Science Building. That new connection will be opened up immediately after the completion of the ISB, turning Room 141 – one of the least used spaces in the EAB – into Room 151 – one of the busiest spaces in the building.

“During the break, crews will cut through the north exterior wall of the EAB for the new 1st floor connection,” said Craig A. Miller Sr., director of facilities planning and management and the ISB project manager. “It will be a complex process, as we have to protect existing sprinkler lines, lighting and mechanical ductwork while also mitigating any dust generated by the work.  Because there are no classes during the break, we felt this was the best time to do this noisy work.”

The work starts Dec. 27 when crews will use a wet saw to cut through the concrete on the north side of the EAB’s north wing. Temporary plastic will be hung in Room 141 to reduce dust, and a construction crew member will have a wet/dry vacuum to quickly remove any water that might leak onto the floor during the complex operation.

That work is expected to be completed on Dec. 29, when crews will install a temporary door.  A temporary enclosure will be built at the exterior of the cut through to prevent water and dust infiltration. On Dec. 30, the temporary door will be waterproofed to further prevent water leaks.

Then during the next two weeks, crews will transform Room 141. The existing interior wood door will be removed and replaced with a temporary wall. The space will be split into Room 150, a new storage space for replacement chairs and tables, and Room 151, the official name for the new corridor that will connect to the ISB.

Before the ISB opens, the temporary wall on the inside of the EAB will be removed, revealing a new door to Room 150 and a set of double doors with card access swipes that lead to Room 151, the connection to the ISB.

This won’t be the only link between the two buildings.  A connection also will be built on the second floor of the EAB that will lead to the second floor of the ISB.  The existing portico on the second floor of the north side of the EAB will be enclosed and serve as an entry vestibule.

The ISB is expected to open in the fall of 2017.


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