ADA Access to Sverdrup for July 27 through July 30 2018

Jul. 25, 2018

ADA Access to Sverdrup for July 27 through July 30 2018
Crews will polish concrete floors in the next week, which will require alternative access to the building.

As construction crews continue the construction work in the Sverdrup Building, access to the center of the building will be limited, starting Friday, July 27 through the end of the month.

Crews will start polishing concrete floors in the west atrium, the main corridor, at the northeast entrance and at the east and west staircases. This work potentially could occur around the clock through July 30.

During that time, ADA access to the building will be at two locations on the south side of the building (the Quad side). Those who need ADA access can enter the building at the entrance by the Gorlok statue to access the east end of both the first and second floors; and at the south-west entrance (Quad side – where academic advising used to be) to access the first and second floors of the west wing. Both the east and west elevators will be operational during this work.

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