Construction Update March 9, 2017

Mar. 9, 2017

Construction Update March 9, 2017
A rendering of Browning Hall

This is a regular update of the construction work for Browning Hall, Interdisciplinary Science Building and the Parking Garage expansion on the home campus of Webster University in Webster Groves, Missouri:

This is a friendly reminder that there is a planned power outage on Sunday, March 19 that will last approximately 13 hours. The outage will affect the East Academic Building, the H. Sam Priest House and the Thompson Music Building. During the outage, no students, faculty, or staff will be allowed in any of the three buildings for safety reasons.

On Friday, March 17, all students, faculty and staff who work in the East Academic Building, the H. Sam Priest House or the Thompson Music Building should turn off their computers and any other electronic devices and remove any perishables from the refrigerators before leaving for the weekend. Refrigerators will likely defrost during the power outage.

The work is needed in order to connect Browning Hall to the main campus’s electrical substation on Garden Avenue.

In other actions at Browning Hall:

  • Rock and storm piping is being installed in the new courtyard. That work is expected to last through next week. Early next week, soil and trees will be delivered for the tree boxes in the courtyard.
  • Crews will continue to install interior glass walls and acoustical ceiling tiles through next week. Drywall ceilings in some areas also are being installed during the next two weeks.
  • Crews will start installing flooring next week. That work will continue through early April.
  • Brick veneer continues to be installed. That work is expected to last through the first week of April.
  • Work on the installation of the freight elevator continues and is expected to be completed by early April. The passenger elevator will be installed in April through May.
  • Interior glass walls continue to be installed. That work is expected to last through the middle of April.

At the Parking garage, the last bays of the garage will start to go up next week. Work crews also will put the finishing touches on the new stair tower. In other garage work:

  • The last few pieces of precast are being set this week. The erection crane will be dismantled starting next week.
  • The concrete flatwork team will be placing the last of the building’s slab on grade this Friday.  That means approximately 50 concrete trucks will be entering and leaving the site during the next few days.  
  • Steel erectors will be on site Monday to unload and start setting the new stairs.
  • The plumbers continue to set drain piping throughout the south half of the garage.  The lower level is complete and they are moving up.
  • Electricians continue to install conduit, wiring, and lights throughout the new garage.  The lights in the current garage will eventually be changed to match the brighter new lights, but that work won’t happen until overflow parking can be allowed in the new garage.
  • Landscapers are surveying the property and estimating when they will start work in front of the garage and bookstore.

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