Sverdrup Construction Update Jan 16 2018

Jan. 16, 2018

Sverdrup Construction Update Jan 16 2018
The Sverdrup Building is currently being renovated

This is a regular update of the construction work on the home campus of Webster University in Webster Groves, Missouri:

Sverdrup Building;

  • On Wednesday, Jan. 17, work crews will begin cutting electrical trenches in the concrete floors of the building. Crews will use specialized water-cooled saws to cut down on the noise and the dust, but the work is expected to be loud.
  • Work crews are installing the wood blocking in the walls that will be used to hold up television monitors in the newly-designed classrooms.
  • The installation of new duct work has begun in the building. That work will last for several weeks.
  • Crews are finishing up new framing around windows this week.

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