Freight Elevator, Piping Deliveries Affect Traffic, Parking Thursday

Feb. 22, 2017

Freight Elevator, Storm Water Piping Deliveries Start Thursday
A rendering of the exterior of the ISB

The freight elevator for the ISB is scheduled to be delivered to the construction site this Thursday, Feb. 23. The elevator equipment is expected to arrive at approximately 7:30 a.m. and the operation could last until 4 p.m. 

The freight elevator’s delivery truck will be parked along Garden Avenue and will block the entry to the north-south oriented drive on the east side of the EAB and ISB.  Flagmen will be used to make sure pedestrians can continue to use the sidewalk on the north side of Garden Avenue.  A lull will be used to unload the components of the freight elevator from the delivery truck and will be driven back and forth along the north-south oriented drive located on the east side of the EAB and ISB.  The lull will then load the elevator equipment into the ISB for installation.

Excavation, hauling of spoils (dirt), and installation of storm water piping at the north side of the ISB will start Thursday, Feb. 23rd, and finish approximately on March 13th weather permitting.  The dump trucks for hauling out spoils will back up off of Big Bend Blvd. on to the north-south oriented drive located between the Mary Ann Lee Plaza and Pearson House. 

Flagmen will be utilized to safely allow the dump trucks in and out of this drive and keep an eye out for pedestrians and non-construction related vehicular traffic.  There may be some minor vehicular delays off of Big Bend Blvd. when the dump trucks access the site. Handicap accessible parking adjacent to the Pearson House will remain in place during the noted work activities.  Trucks will deliver storm water pipes along the north-south oriented drive off of Garden Avenue and along the east side of the EAB and ISB.  The laydown area for the storm water piping is located north of the ISB and south of the Pearson House.  

If you have any questions or comments regarding the noted work activities, please contact Craig A. Miller Sr., Director of Facilities Planning and Management.  For more information about the ISB, or to learn more about the construction, visit



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