School of Communications Sverdrup Update

Nov. 10, 2017

School of Communications Sverdrup Update

From the School of Communications: There is no mistaking the signs of construction in and around the Sverdrup building. Orange safety fencing and wooden barriers reroute access to doors at the ends of the building on the exterior of the building, and constructed passageways direct traffic on the interior. Changes are being made at a rapid pace. 

Demolition has begun, and the Sverdrup (SVER) building is divided into the east wing, which includes the Commuter Lounge and the west wing, which includes the loading dock. Access is limited to the doors and stairs at the ends of the building. Both lobbies and all of the first floor between them are construction zones and are not accessible.

The bridge over the east lobby is inaccessible except as an emergency exit. A tunnel built over the west lobby bridge provides access to the faculty offices above the west lobby, the main School of Communications office suite, and to classrooms SVER 239 and SVER 210.

Offices and classrooms in the east wing of the Sverdrup building, including SVER 201 to SVER 208 and SVER 101 to SVER 108 are accessible from the east end doors. The restrooms in the east wing are inaccessible.

A tunnel built from a west lobby door on the Big Bend-side and a tunnel from the Media Center will each have access to the elevator in the west wing of the building. A tunnel built from an east lobby door on the Big Bend-side will provide access to the elevator in the east wing. These tunnels will make ADA access possible and will help with moving equipment.

On Tuesday morning, Nov. 7, the construction crew checked electrical boxes and electrical connections in preparation for further work. By the end of the week, jack-hammering will begin in the west wing of the building, and it will proceed east. While the noise may be disruptive, it is expected to last only three to four days. Thank you for your patience as the project moves forward. 

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