Electrical Customer Substation, Phase 2 Project

Jul. 28, 2015

Electrical Customer Substation, Phase 2 Project

On Thursday, July 30, through Monday, Aug. 1, the contractor will be pulling electrical cables from manhole # 6 located by the Pearson House’s rear patio to manhole #7 located on the east side of Parking Lot K and to manhole # 8 located in the front lawn of the Thompson Music House. 

Also, contractors will pull electrical cables from manhole # 7 to the new electrical transformer located on the west side of the H. Sam Priest House and manhole #8 to the new transformer located by the wishing well at the Thompson Music Building.

In order to perform this work, three parking spaces in the northeast corner of Lot L North; three parking spaces on the east side of Lot K, and three parking spaces in front of the Thompson Music Building will be blocked off. 

The Department of Facilities Planning and Management will keep the Webster Community informed as the work on Electrical Customer Substation progresses. If you have any questions, contact Jim Ward, project manager, at 314-246-7481 or via e-mail at wardji@webster.edu.

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