In the News: Smith on St. Louis on the Air Sept. 3, profiled for social media talk

Sep. 3, 2015

In the News: Smith on St. Louis on the Air Sept. 3

Recent professional accomplishments by Webster University community members include:

Julie Smith, adjunct faculty member in the School of Communications, will appear on St. Louis Public Radio's (90.7 FM) "St. Louis On The Air" at noon, Sept. 3, to discuss issues covered in her new book, "Master the Media: How Teaching Media Literacy Can Save our Plugged-in World."

The episode, "Teaching Media Literacy in a Digital Age," will re-air at 11 p.m. and also be available through the show's podcast.

Separately, the media literacy expert was profiled in the Edwardsville Intelligencer for a community lecture she gives on how parents can keep their children safe on social media. Excerpts from that article:

“(Parents) are hungry for valid information about social media and they don’t know where to get it,” Smith said. “I think it’s like a foreign language for people. Their kids are all using it, and they don’t know what it means.”


“Social media is not a bad thing. It’s a tool like anything else. It just depends on how you use it,” Smith said. “A lot of parents, because of the news coverage, think if their child is on social media they are sending nasty pictures or getting bullied. 

“Parents need to know it runs a lot deeper than that. Social media is how we present ourselves, present our identities to the world and in many cases how we value ourselves. For kids, that’s a lot of pressure.”

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