Campus Smoking Policy Reminder

Oct. 1, 2015

Webster Smoking Policy

Webster University is committed to providing a healthy enviornment for all of its students, employees and campus visitors.

Smoke Free and Tobacco Free Community

While we respect the rights of those who use tobacco and other nicotine products, it has been determined that tobacco use is detrimental to the health of users and of others nearby. Therefore, all campus buildings are designated smoke free and tobacco free. This includes cigarettes, pipes, cigars, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco and other products that may include tobacco.

This rule also applies to private offices as well as all common areas.

Smoking and tobacco use is permitted outside and at least 30 feet away from entrances to University buildings. Public Safety officers and others within the University community are charged with reminding smokers and users of other tobacco products to distance themselves from smoking or using tobacco products inside University buildings or within 30 feet of building entrances.

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