Printer and Toner Service Info

Jul. 16, 2015

Important information for new staff and faculty, and a friendly reminder for existing staff regarding toner deliveries:

For the past few years, Webster University has been in a service contract in which all of our campus printers are serviced and provided toner by Xerox. The toner is automatically ordered through an Automated System in which the printers communicate with Xerox when the toner is down to around 25 percent remaining. The new toners typically arrive to Receiving/Mail & Copy at 40 N. Rock Hill within a couple days, and then are delivered to the recipients addressed on the boxes (usually a coordinator of individual departments).

In the event that a department has excess new toners and/or no room for storage, please notify Receiving staff AJ Jessup or Justin Tetley, or IT staff Robbie Speers, who will coordinate to pick up and store in the Luhr Building until needed.

Used Toners

Regarding used toners, Xerox has a Recycling program in which they provide large Eco boxes that we use to return the used toners/ parts. These boxes are housed by some departments with high volume of printing while individual used toners can be left with your mail bag and our Mail team will pick up. We appreciate your efforts to communicate and assist in this process.

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