2016 Faculty Research Grant Recipients Announced

Feb. 2, 2016

2016 Faculty Research Grant Recipients Announced
Provost Schuster with Webster Vienna Faculty Research Grant recipients for 2016, Nada Mumdziev, Peter Walla and Marc Mehu.

The Office of the Provost is pleased to announce the 21 recipients and 19 projects of the 2016 Faculty Research Grants.

The awards will fund faculty research and professional development activities which will advance academic excellence for the individual faculty members and for Webster University.

“This year’s list of recipients and projects highlights the incredible disciplinary diversity and quality of our faculty across the Webster network,” said Julian Schuster, provost, senior vice president and chief operating officer. “Clearly, the foundation is established for academic excellence. Our next step is to make these accomplishments visible – to our students and prospective students, our partner organizations, and corporate and grant funders. We look forward to seeing progress on these projects, and we will take steps to assist faculty to turn promising work into projects attractive to external funders.”

Congratulations to the 2016 recipients, who are listed below by name, department, school/college, campus and title or topic of the project:

  • Bill Barrett, Electronic & Photographic Media, School of Communications, “Portable Camera Obscura”
  • Victoria Brown-Kennerly and Ravin Kodikara, Biological Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences, “Tunneling Behavior of the Western Harvester Ants:  Response to Changing Environmental Conditions”
  • Jeffrey Carter, Music, Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts, “Storybook People”
  • Claudio Cicuzza, Arts & Sciences, Webster University Thailand, “The Tantra of the Bodhisattva Vajrapāṇi. Annotated English Translation of the Laghutantraṭīkā from the original Sanskrit text and its Tibetan version”
  • Eric Goedereis, Psychology, College of Arts & Sciences, “Achievement, Adjustment, and Attitude:  A Pilot Study of Montessori Education in Saint Louis City”
  • Ryan Groeneman, Biological Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences, “Crossed Photodimerization Reactions of Olefins that Contain Perfluorinated Aromatic Rings”
  • Gad Guterman, Theatre Studies & Dramaturgy, Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts, “Theatrical Lives of Justices”
  • Sheila Hwang, English, College of Arts & Sciences, “Mapping the Long Journey of Defoe’s Tour”
  • DJ Kaiser, Communication Arts, Reading and Early Childhood, School of Education, “Using Teleconference in the Teaching of English in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”
  • Herman Krueger, Biological Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences, “Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Molecular Interactions in the Liquid Phase Utilizing the Cooperative Absorption of Infrared Light”
  • Adam Mayer, Arts & Sciences, Webster University Thailand, “Refeudalization in Nigeria – A New Explanatory Framework for Nigeria’s Political Economy”
  • Marc Mehu and Peter Walla, Psychology, Webster University Vienna, “Second Language Speech Melody and Social Integration among International Student Bodies”
  • Nada Mumdziev, Entrepreneurship and Business, Webster University Vienna, “The Effect of Equity Crowdfunding on Startup Performance”
  • Kim Portnoy, Music, Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts, “A Recording Project:  The Chamber Music of Kim Portnoy”
  • Mary Preuss, Biological Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences, “Characterizing the Allelopathic Effects of Invasive Honeysuckle Bushes”
  • Krista J. Saral, Business Economics, Webster University Geneva, “The Welfare Role of Teaching in Production Groups with Asymmetric Ability”
  • Joseph Sencibaugh, Teacher Education, School of Education, “Teachers’ Attitudes and Perceptions of Inclusion in Curacao”
  • Emily Thompson, International Languages & Cultures, College of Arts & Sciences, “Making History during the Reformation:  An Examination of Emerging Historical Genres and the Editorial and Printing Processes that Informed Them”
  • Ece Tuncel, Management, School of Business and Technology, “Agreement Attraction and Impasse Aversion:  The Boundary Conditions”

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