HR Implements Applicant Tracking Portal

Aug. 5, 2016

HR Implements Applicant Tracking Portal

Human Resources is implementing the first phase of a new Applicant Tracking portal on Monday, Aug. 8.  

In this phase, there are two primary impacts:

1. The existing job posting board will be replaced with this online portal.

2. Applicants will create an online profile and apply for any openings online.

Human Resources will send resumes to hiring managers as it currently does; however, this will be a much more efficient process as the applicant documentation will be consolidated on the Applicant Tracking portal. 

In Phase 2, hiring managers can look forward to an online requisition and approval process replacing the current manual process. In the second phase, hiring managers will have direct access to the applicant submissions and will be able to track their status as they work through qualified candidates. Phase 2 is anticipated in early October, 2016. 

More detailed information on anticipated improvements and changes as well as training will be forthcoming. Those with questions on this process can contact

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