Human Resources 2016 Policy Changes and Updates

Dec. 12, 2016

Human Resources Makes Policy Changes

Webster University's Office of Human Resources has added or modified several policies this year.

To review all policies in detail, visit the policies page in the Human Resources section of the website. 

However, below is a brief list of updated policies and a high-level summary of changes.

High-Level Overview of Human Resources Policy Changes in 2016

NEW: Campus Violence and Weapons

  • New policy added effective Sept. 14, 2016

 Closings and Holidays                     

 Early Retirement Program and Long-Term Employees Reducing to Half-Time       

  • Removed outdated language relating to retirements before June 2014

 Employee Self-Service and Automated Time & Attendance    

  • Added clarifying language about other policies to reference the responsibility of employees to ensure proper recording of their worked time, and expressed Webster’s commitment to pay employees for all time worked.

 Policy On Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Other Sexual Offenses    

  • Changed language from “complaint” to “report
  • Provided opportunity for questions to be submitted during the hearings by Responding Party but only through Hearing Board.
  • Expanded definitions to include gender identity, gender transition and relationship violence
  • Gave Responding Party opportunity to submit full narrative laying out his/her version of relevant events.
  • Clarified choice between Informal Process and hearing Process as choice of Reporting Party.
  • Added new and fourth category for appeal of initial determination.

 Travel Time for Hourly (non-exempt) Staff       

  • Added examples and some language to better clarify policy

 Tuition Remission                            

  • Included new policies relating to part-time faculty and staff
  • Added list of exclusions
  • Updated existing language to better clarify policy
  • Updated related forms


  • Effective Jan. 1, 2017, updated overdraft allowed from 10 to 5 days
  • Clarified that overdraft vacation may not be used for salary continuation during a leave of absence
  • Indicated a separate policy applies to Diversity Awareness Partnership employees

 Work Hours                                     

  • Added definition for “full relief of duties”
  • Clarified that meal breaks are automatically deducted for all employees but those in California (this requires employees who do not have a meal break or whose meal is interrupted and is not 30 minutes in length to notify their supervisor so they can be properly compensated).
  • Clarified that rest periods are compensated.
  • Clarified that California employees must time stamp out/in for meal breaks.

To review these policies in detail, go to

Questions can be directed to

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