Summary Annual Reports for Employee Benefit Plans

Oct. 17, 2016

Summary Annual Reports for Employee Benefit Plans

The IRS requires employers to provide their employees with access to a Summary Annual Report (SAR) for Group Benefits, Defined Contribution Plans and Tax Deferred Annuity Plans. The 2015 SAR documents for our retirement and insurance benefit plans are now posted in the Human Resources Channel on your Connections account.
If you do not have the Human Resources Channel, follow these steps to add it:

  1. Click on “Content/Layout” at the top left corner
  2. Click the button “Add Channel” in the column you choose
  3. Select “All” and click on “Go” to search for the channel “Human Resources"
  4. Finalize by clicking “Add Channel” and “Finished"

For questions regarding this information, please contact the Human Resources Department at

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