In the News: Stroble Discusses Student Loans, Higher Education on RT America

Feb. 5, 2016

In the News: Stroble Discusses Student Loans on RT America

While in Washington, D.C., to speak to the U.S. Senate Competitiveness Caucus, Webster University President Elizabeth J. Stroble was interviewed by Ed Schultz of RT America about student loan system in the United States.

Stroble explained ways U.S. universities are trying to keep their tuition prices at modest levels to help balance the scales, and discussed the financial counseling Webster offers students.

She also talked about the role donors have as a solution in helping students handle the cost of education.

"I love that part of the job because I get to tell great stories," she said. "I get to tell great stories about how important that investment is in young people who have talent and ambition that far outstrips their financial resources. I'm able to help a donor, who loves Webster because they are an alum, give back to that institution in ways that make sure that other people benefit from a Webster education."

Watch the interview on RT America's YouTube channel here.

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