Parking Citation Changes on Webster Groves Campus

May. 20, 2016

Parking Citation Changes on Webster Groves Campus

Effective June 1, 2016, parking citation fines on the Webster University Webster Groves campus will be condensed to $40, $75, and $200.

Parking citation fines and corresponding violations are as follows: 

$40 Fine Violations

  • Parked at the University without a current permit displayed
  • Parked in a visitor space
  • Parked in a reserved space or area
  • Parked in campus residential area without valid permit
  • Exceeded time limit in a loading zone
  • Blocking aisle or straddling space
  • Parked in a crosswalk or crosshatched area
  • Vehicle immobilized as a result of 4 unpaid tickets.
  • Parked in a barricaded area or construction area

$75 Fine Violations

  • Parked in a fire lane
  • Parked in a disabled space without a valid permit

$200 Fine Violations

  • Possession of a lost, stolen, altered, or forged permit
  • Parked on campus after privileges have been revoked

Find more information on parking policies at the Public Safety site.

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