Keys to Wellness: 250 Turn out for Wellness Fair, collect prizes

Sep. 20, 2016

Wellness Fair Infused with Healthy Tips, Offerings

From the Webster Wellness Committee:

The 2016 Webster Wellness & Student Success Fair was a huge success. Thank you to our 37 vendors who participated and approximately 250 attendees who came. We hope that the Wellness Infusion theme supported your wellness needs and desires spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, environmentally and financially.

The goal of the Fair was to encourage attendees to make positive life-style changes that help improve your overall health and well-being. On behalf of Webster Wellness and First-Year Experience, thank you for attending and see you next year.

View more photos at the University's Facebook page.

The flu shot vaccination provided by Walmart Pharmacy on Sept. 16 administered 70 flu shots for staff, faculty and students.

The six grand prize winners are listed below:

  • Cynthia Foder (staff), Bullet Blender
  • Ethan Stohs (student), Sports Bracelet
  • Gina Reeves (student), Sports Bracelet
  • Kathleen Crabdree (staff), United Healthcare First Aid Kit
  • Linda Walker (staff), Free 60-minute massage from St. Luke’s Hospital
  • Tracey Brenner (staff), Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Attendance Prize Drawings Winners - Student

  • Brittany Madison, Gorlok headband
  • Chelsea Thornley, Anytime Fitness prize
  • Hannah McFarland, infuser bottle
  • Jenna Rodriquez, 1 free month membership at Anytime Fitness
  • Katlyn Garza, foam roller
  • Sydney Lloyd, Anytime Fitness prize
  • Vivy Renkins, yoga mat

Attendance Prize Drawings Winners - Staff

  • Bethany Keller, infuser bottle
  • Debbie McWilliams, 3-30 minute sessions at Anytime Fitness
  • Gladys Smith, Natural Way prize
  • Heather Arora, infuser bottle
  • Holly Hubenschmidt, Gold’s Gym Weight and Workout Instructions
  • Janet Babinsky, Resistance Band
  • Jenny Andrews, 3-30 minute sessions at Anytime Fitness
  • Jessica Mckay, Anytime Fitness prize
  • Maggie Dankert, infuser bottle
  • Ron Gibbs, infuser bottle

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