Werfelmann's Work "Fractals in the Afterglow" Featured in New Album of Music for Saxophone, Piano

Apr. 17, 2017

Werfelmann's work featured in New Album"In the City: New Works for Saxophone and Piano"

Assistant professor of music David Werfelmann's work 'Fractals in the Afterglow' is featured in a new album by Andrew Harrison titled 'In the City: New Works for Saxophone and Piano.' 

Werfelmann wrote his piece in 2014 and Harrison later commissioned and recorded it.

Werfelman stated the following about his piece in the album's program note, "I have always been fascinated by the way shapes and patterns recur in nature at vastly different magnitudes of size. Clouds, coastlines, blood vessels, trees, and even the very nature of biological evolution all have fractal characteristics."

"This work, 'Fractals in the Afterglow' is a kind of meditation on the notion that fractals really are everywhere in the known universe, the afterglow of the bigbang.

"You may hear it expressed musically through short motivic ideas that are passed around to different parts of the work; how the work grows from a simple chord progression to very different conclusions, yet always returns to the same basic idea."

"I hope the beauty I find in the fractal nature of everything resonates - at least on some scale - in this work for soprano saxophone and piano."

Werfelmann's music piece can be dowloaded from ITunes or Cdbaby.

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