New Paid Parental Leave Policy for Full-Time Staff, Administrators

Nov. 6, 2017

New Paid Parental Leave Policy for Full-Time Staff, Administrators
The Paid Parental Leave Policy becomes effective Jan. 1, 2018.

A new Staff and Administrator Parental Leave Policy [PDF] will become effective Jan. 1, 2018, at U.S. locations for parental leaves beginning on or after that date.

Last spring, the Webster Staff Alliance Compensation Committee requested that the administration consider implementation of a paid Parental Leave policy for staff. A task force worked through the summer and early fall to research similar policies at other institutions and recommend a policy for Webster University.

Thanks to task force members Amy O’Brien, Athletics Department; Dominik Jansky, Global Marketing and Communications; and Heidi Vix, University Library, for making a difference and helping make Webster an even more family friendly work place.

Questions about this policy should be sent to

Review Policies During Open Enrollment

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because benefits under this Parental Leave Policy may run concurrent with short term disability benefits (STD), it is important that staff and administrators review the policy while you are also eligible to enroll in STD insurance (now through Nov. 15, 2017).

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