WSA to Hold Virtual Networking Event Sept. 26

Sep. 7, 2017

WSA to Hold Virtual Networking Event Sept. 26

In an effort to promote cross campus connections, Webster Staff Alliance (WSA) will host a Virtual Networking event on Tuesday, Sept. 26.

WSA serves as a means of support to staff, not just at the home campus, but at all Webster extended campuses. In the staff survey last year, we noticed that many extended site staff members feel somewhat disconnected and left out. Understandably, extended campus staff don’t have as many opportunities to network or attend social events, so we’re doing what we can to bring the home campus to them. At our first event, the “Slushie Social”, we sent “sweets social” care packages to four extended sites. For our next event, we’re hoping for actually interaction between campuses. 

Seeking Participants

For the Virtual Networking event, we need 20 extended campus participants and 20 home campus participants. Email if you would like to participate.

Virtual Networking: How It Works

The home campus participants will be in a computer lab. Each of the computers will have a Web Ex meeting that connects it to an extended campus staff member. WSA will start the session with a topic of conversation. The two paired up via WebEx will talk for three minutes. Then, the home campus person will switch to a different computer with a different extended campus person. WSA will give a new topic that will then be discussed for three minutes, and so on. 

In total, each person will "meet" 20 new Webster staff members. We hope that through these new connections we can all help each other with daily tasks and in supporting the Webster mission. 

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